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Major Tom is a character created by David Bowie. Major Tom is an astronaut whose fate is left ambiguous after an accident in space.

Character History

Major Tom is first seen in "Space Oddity". Major Tom is launched into space and goes 100,000 miles above the Earth's surface. However, an accident happens and he loses contact with Ground Control, leaving Major Tom's final fate ambiguous.[1]

Major Tom is referred to again in "Ashes to Ashes", where he is referred to as a junkie who is "strung out on heaven's high" and "hitting an all-time low".[2]

Major Tom is referenced again in "Hallo Spaceboy" and "New Killer Star".[3][4]

Major Tom is seen for the final time in "Blackstar", where a girl comes across his corpse and takes his skull to a nearby town, where she and other citizens perform a ritual with it.[5]


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