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Ziggy Stardust is a character created and portrayed by David Bowie. Ziggy Stardust is an androgynous, bisexual rock star that acts as an intergalactic messenger.

Character History

Ziggy first arrives on Earth after Earth is announced to have five years left.[1] His first performance, where he brings a message of hope to the Earth, causes him to become incredibly popular among the Earth's youth.[2][† 1]

As Ziggy and his backing band, The Spiders from Mars, become more popular, Ziggy's ego alienates him from the other members of the Spiders. Ziggy begins acting erratically offstage, which causes the Spiders to disband.[3][4]

A washed-up Ziggy, having saved the Earth, faces his death while still trying to bring hope to his audience.[5]


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The inspiration for Ziggy Stardust came from numerous sources, including Vince Taylor, the Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Kansai Yamamoto, and the Velvet Underground.[Citation needed]

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  1. David Bowie has stated on occasions that Ziggy Stardust is not the titular Starman in "Starman", casting doubt over this. However, he has contradicted himself several times.[Citation needed]



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